September 13

The best season of the year is here -- college football season.  I know some folks don't share that opinion, but here in Georgia it is a very prevalent opinion.  Both Georgia and Georgia Tech are 2-0 -- both just barely and by the grace of God -- but 2-0 nonetheless.


I want to share with you this following list from church consultant (guru), Thom Rainer.  Chuckle a little and stand convicted if need be.  I will add one more to the list from my experience working at Athens (home of the Bulldogs) First United Methodist Church.

11 Differences

Between a College Football Fan

and a Church Member

by Thom S. Rainer


Caution: While I do write these comparisons with some humor and a lot of hyperbole, you might get just a bit uncomfortable reading them. That may indicate there is some truth in each of them.

A college football fan loves to win. The typical church member never wins someone to Christ.
A college football fan gets excited if a game goes into overtime. A church member gets mad if the pastor preaches one minute past the allocated time.
A college football fan is loyal to his or her team no matter what. A church member stops attending if things are not going well.
A college football fan is easily recognized by his or her sportswear, bumper stickers, and team flags. Many church members cannot even be recognized as Christians by people with whom they associate.
A college football fan pays huge dollars for tickets, travel, and refreshments for games. A church member may or may not give to his or her church.
A college football fan reads about his or her football team every day. A church member rarely reads the Bible once in the course of a week.
A college football fan attends the game no matter how bad the weather is. A church member stays home if there is a 20 percent chance of rain.
A college football fan invites others to watch the game every week. A church member rarely invites someone to church.
A college football fan is known for his or her passion for the football team. A church member is rarely known for his or her passion for the gospel.
A college football fan will adjust gladly to changes in kickoff time. A church member gets mad if his or her service time is changed by just a few minutes.
A college football fan is loyal even if he or she never gets to meet the coach. A church member gets mad if the pastor does not visit for every possible occasion.
Yes, I admit I do enjoy college football. But I really love Christ’s churches even more. I need to demonstrate that reality more readily. Do you?


My addition to the list:

A college football fan will gladly pay $30 to park and then walk a mile to the game.  A church member complains vociferously if there is not free parking within a block of the church


I love you all.  I love the Church.

Go Dawgs!  Go Yellow Jackets!


Evan McElreath