September 14

Dear friends,


What a wonderful week we are having here at Covenant UMC.  On Sunday afternoon, there were 17 children at children's choir.  Did you get that -- 17 kids!  They will be singing in worship on Sunday, October 2.

Then on Monday, a group of 14 of us made a trip to see our United Methodist Camp Glisson near Dahlonega.  It is a beautiful camp with wonderful facilities and a program without peer in the Christian camping community.  It is your camp -- 367 acres of mountain land.

Monday evening and Tuesday morning, we had Bible study groups meet.  Seniors are Special are meeting today.  All three of these groups are doing different studies on prayer.  There is a sense among our church that we need to be especially focused on prayer as we go through this time of transition.  Please keep Covenant Church in your prayers -- ask God to lead us in acquiring land and building our facility, and more importantly in building our church.  (You get the difference between building a facility and building a church, right?)

Tomorrow, the Friendship Circle will meet and in the evening our Prayer Team will meet.  All ladies of the church are invited to Friendship Circle at 10:30am.  And everyone is invited at 7:00 pm to the Prayer Team to pray for our church, our church members, and our community and our world.

Then, on Friday, two adults (Sarah Lyons and George Scott) and six children (Andrew Gaines, Eddie Layton, Morgan Lyons, Caitlin McGill, Gillian Montgomery, and Samuel Wood) will leave to go to the Conference Children's Retreat with 400 others at Camp Glisson.  Keep these folks in your prayers, too.

And then on Sunday, we will gather for Sunday School at 9:45 and the worship of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, at 11:00.  

Yes, a wonderful week!


On a different note -- from the other side of the world -- Christian mother of five, Asia Bibi, has been convicted of blasphemy in Pakistan for saying, "Christ died for me.  What did Muhammad do for you?"  She is sentenced to hang.  The Supreme Court of Pakistan will hear her appeal in October.  If the appeal fails the government has said they will go ahead with the hanging.  Pray for her.  Pray for all our sisters and brothers in Christ who are persecuted for their faith.  Make sure you are putting your freedom to worship and serve Christ to good use.  And thank Jesus for dying for you.

May God bless you richly and use you greatly.



Evan McElreath