September 27

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016
To my partners in the Gospel at Covenant Church,


Grace, mercy, and peace from God our Father and from Jesus Christ our Lord.


I need your help.  The attendance pads that I ask you to sign each Sunday in worship are a big help to me.  They remind me who was there, which helps me to remember who was not there.  I often pray for you when I see your name on the attendance pad, and then I pray for and sometimes contact the folks who were not there.  But most importantly, the attendance pads give me a chance of getting contact information for our guests so that I can welcome them to Covenant later in the week.  This is where I need your help – if you see someone come in a few minutes late and notice that the attendance pad did not get to them, please, with a smile, pass the attendance pad to them.  You can pass it down the row, forward or backward a row – whatever you need to do to try to get everyone to sign in.  That will be helpful every week, but especially these next two Sundays when I am away.


This coming Sunday is Communion Sunday.  Now that we have changed the way you walk forward to receive communion – coming up the center aisle – the baskets for your MUST offering are now by the posts as you turn to go down the side aisles to go back to your seat.  We thank you and MUST ministries thanks you for your generosity that helps our neighbors in need.


The Rev. Dr. James Moore tells this short story:

The director of an orphanage saw one of the little orphan girls climbing a tree beside the wall surrounding the orphanage.  The limb extended out over the wall.  The girl shinnied out on the limb ad placed a note on the tree limb.  She obviously wanted someone to find the note.  The curious orphanage director went out and pulled the note down.  It said, “To whoever finds this, I love you.”

That’s what I want our church to say to people.  To whoever finds this, you are accepted here, you are loved here, and we want you to help us be the instrument of God’s love to other people.

How can we be more accepting and loving?  What can YOU do to be more loving?


I am honored and blessed to be your pastor.





Lending a Helping Hand

A man writing at the post office desk was approached by an older fellow with a post card in his hand. The old man said, "Sir, I'm sorry to bother you but could you address this post card for me? My arthritis is acting up and I can't even hold a pen." 

"Certainly, sir," said the younger man. He wrote out the address and also agreed to write a short message and sign the card for the man. Finally, the younger man asked, "Now, is there anything else I can do for you?" 

The old fellow glanced at the card a moment and said, "Yes, at the end could you add this note:

P.S.  Please excuse the sloppy hand-writing."

Evan McElreath