What to Expect


There is no dress code.  Children are welcome.  We have nursery care if you desire it for your infant, and young elementary kids are welcome to stay with their families during worship or go to Children's Church (about halfway through the service) for play and education.  The music will cover all styles and genres.  


Worship time together focuses our attention on God's goodness.  We stop the busy rush of our weekly life, gather for prayer, song, and scripture, and listen for what God will reveal.  We want each person to receive a word from God, a nudge from the Holy Spirit, and a sign of the presence of Jesus Christ. Services are held each Sunday at 11am with special services for Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, and Easter Sunrise.


Baptism: In the United Methodist church, we baptize infants, children, and adults because we believe God's grace saves us. We do not earn it, and we will not understand it fully until we are in God's kingdom. We accept the baptism of other denominations and will not ask you to be re-baptized, because we believe God's grace worked the first time!  Baptism may or may not be linked to church membership, depending on the age of the recipient.  

Communion (the Lord's supper): In the United Methodist church, we have an open table policy. All who desire to participate are welcome to do so. We view communion as a means of God's grace, freely available to all regardless of attendance, membership, or even belief. We offer communion once per month.