What to Expect


Whatever your style is, you are welcome at Covenant.  Some people here will be dressed to the nines.  Others will just be dressed.  You will see folks in coat and tie, others in T-shirts; some in dresses, some in pants or shorts.  Dress shoes and flip-flops.  So come as you are to worship God with us

As to the worship service itself, some would call it a blended service.  We just try to worship God in the very best way we can.  So we draw from both ancient and contemporary traditions.  Our music includes gospel songs, traditional hymns, contemporary Christian music, spirituals, and sometimes even Willie Nelson, the Beatles, or Pink Floyd.


Worship calls us aside to focus on God’s goodness.  We gather for worship each Sunday at 11:00 am.  Praise of God, prayer, and proclamation of the Word are a part of each service.  We want each person to receive a word from God, a nudge from the Holy Spirit, and a sign of the presence of Jesus Christ.  Special services are held on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Easter Sunrise, and Christmas Eve.


We believe that the way we welcome in children in church directly affects the way they respond to God, the church, and to one another.  Please know that children of all ages are at home in this place of worship.  Relax!  God put the wiggle and giggle in children; don't feel you have to suppress it in God's house and families are encouraged to worship together.  A nursery is offered in our education wing for little ones birth through three years old.  After the children's message in worship, children in preschool through second grade are invited to participate in Children's Church.  Worship folders with crayons, coloring sheets, and other quiet busy items are available in the sanctuary lobby.  


Communion: In The United Methodist Church, we have an open table policy.  God’s grace is free and offered to all.  So everyone – members and non-members, children and adults – is invited to participate in the Lord’s Supper.  We offer communion once a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month.

Baptism:  In The United Methodist Church, we baptize infants, children, and adults because we believe God's grace saves us. We do not earn our salvation; it is a free gift of God.  Infant baptism invites the grace of God to be active in the life of the child as he/she grows to accept that grace for him/herself.  We recognize all Christian baptisms and will not ask you to be re-baptized, because we believe God's grace worked the first time.  Baptism may or may not be linked to church membership, depending on the age of the recipient.